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 Eilaf's Ethical Values

Eilaf's work forces are a leading example in applying high ethical standards in their daily lives.

Our work force reached this level of excellence in applying ethical values by:


• Applying high ethical standards in their relationships with cus-tomers, suppliers, patients & competitors.
• Ensuring that all advertising, marketing and promotional doc-umentation issued by the Company avoids false statements, and misleading information.
• Not giving or receiving monies or gifts of significant value in-tended as an inducement or bribe.
• Reporting any offer of monies or gifts of significant value to their line manager.
• Maintaining and protecting the confidentiality of information provided by customers and suppliers as if it were Eilaf's own information.
• Developing good working relationships with Eilaf's suppliers and sub-contractors based on fair working practices, not mak-ing unreasonable demands and arranging prompt payment as agreed in the Terms and Conditions of the contractual rela-tionship.
• Maintaining a fair and neutral business relationship with all our competitors.
• Respecting the local traditions and culture within the country or region in which we are Operating.
• To comply with all laws and local regulations within the coun-try or region in which they are Operating.